About Us

Mission Statement

"Continuous innovation in upskilling on a mass scale"


Christine Baxter

Gold Edge Training was founded in 2012 by Christine Baxter following an extensive financial career in industry, accountancy lecturing and further education management.

It was whilst lecturing that she pioneered one of the first AAT online accountancy programmes in 1999. From those early days it was quickly apparent, by the success of the online students, that flexible online study offered a better, more inclusive opportunity for all learners to succeed. Gold Edge Training have continued to pioneer advanced online learning with the focus always being on the individuality of the learner. Gold Edge Training are still the only AAT online college that recognise every learner is as unique in their learning requirements as they are in their personal appearance.

To meet all learning requirements, we recognise that multiple and varying resources are required to achieve equal student success. Our latest programme Success by Design offers an even wider selection of support and resources to further embrace the diversity of each learner. The learner can now adapt their style and therefore the resources used, in line with the level of complexity that fluctuates throughout their learning. Having this level of choice, means the learner is always given the Optimum opportunity to learn ‘how they learn best’. Recognising individuality in learners is at the heart of our success. This is why, Gold Edge Training are renowned nationwide and year on year for their high achieving students both in volume of students passed and the grades achieved.

What we believe
  • Believe 1Learning should not be a privilege; it should be for everyone.
  • Believe 2Always lead by example, nobody remembers second.
  • Believe 3Progress needs change. Be the change.
  • Believe 4Technology is here to stay.