Introduction to AWS Certification

Course Specifications:

Location: Online
Duration: 0.75
Qualification: Introduction to AWS Certification
Access Period: Lifetime
Device Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
Exam Included: Yes

Course Details

Introduction to AWS — Amazon Web Services

Learning about Amazon Web Services (AWS) is essential to everybody who is looking to improve their productivity and client service offerings, by harnessing the power of cloud computing. This is the case whether you’re a small start-up, an individual operator or an established company.

This course provides the ultimate introduction to how AWS works, what it offers and the various pricing and subscription options.

From the various security features and scalable package offerings to a comprehensive analysis of each of the services available and how they can benefit you, this course provides the perfect introductory guide to Amazon Web Services.

You Will Learn:

  • A broad background of how AWS works and what it has to offer

  • The various subscription and pricing options

  • The security, privacy and safety features involved

  • A complete guide to each of the major service offerings available

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will gain a deep understanding of the potential of AWS for your company

  • You will save time and money by harnessing the power of AWS

  • You will make the informed choice to take your business to a higher level

  • You will increase productivity by focusing purely on product service and development