Horse Care and Stable Management Certification

Course Specifications:

Location: Online
Duration: 6
Qualification: Horse Care and Stable Management Certification
Access Period: Lifetime
Device Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
Exam Included: Yes

Course Details

Horse Care and Stable Management

Are you a horse enthusiast? Horses are beautiful animals, with their own distinct personalities that make them a delight to care for and interact with.

Our course on horse care and stable management can help you learn about the crucial aspects of horse care. Whether you want to learn more about equestrian care or brush up on your skills with up-to-date information, our course covers horse care and stable management basics from start to finish.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • The conformation of a horse and signs of good and poor conformation
  • Grooming, handling, haltering and securing the horse
  • How to dress injuries and wounds and administer first aid
  • How to provide healthy and nutritious feed
  • Environment and stable facts
  • Insights regarding various equine diseases and symptoms
  • How to identify problem behaviours and understand the psychology of a horse
  • Different aspects of stable management, including shelter, pasture, fencing and bedding

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You will learn how to care for your own horse(s) and be alert for any signs of disease or sickness
  • You can help keep your horse healthy and fit while grooming them in the best possible way
  • You can kick-start your own career in the field of horse care and stable management, by mentoring other first-time horse owners in the basics of horse handling

Our carefully designed, in-depth course on horse care and stable management allows you to learn in the comfort and of your own home and provides you with all the learning support that you need.