Create Your Own Website Certification

Course Specifications:

Location: Online
Duration: 4
Qualification: Create Your Own Website Certification
Access Period: Lifetime
Device Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
Exam Included: Yes

Course Details

Create Your Own Website

This course on developing your website examines the reasons for having a website, the types of websites you can design yourself and the advantages and disadvantages of using a professional web designer.

It looks at the requirements for a successful website, including types of pages, SEO, tips for successful design and accessibility, the difference between mobile websites and apps and the regulatory requirements for websites.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

This short course on web design is intended to teach you:

  • The reasons why a website is important
  • How to design a website with the help of Wix or WordPress
  • The basics of designing a website without a website builder
  • The advantages and disadvantages of employing a professional web designer
  • All the tips required for a good website, including SEO, troubleshooting, mobile websites, apps and recommended web pages

The Benefits of the Course:

  • This course will give you a broad overview of the techniques and tips for effective website design
  • It will motivate and encourage you to design or have a website for your business
  • It might motivate you to make web design your career choice or a serious hobby, by introducing you to a fascinating set of skills
  • It will help you feel comfortable with website-related technical terms
  • You will realise the importance of having a website