Edugrowth and Gold Edge Training:
A Partnership in Education Excellence

Kaplan, Edugrowth and Gold Edge Training are working in partnership to deliver a new and unique suite of accountancy programmes.

Each partner is a leading expert in their individual areas of education expertise.

Kaplan Publishing is a multi-award winner.  They are the UK and world’s leading publisher for all accountancy publication in both professional accountancy and degree accountancy.

Edugrowth is renowned for course syllabus development.  They have worked closely with the awarding body ATHE to ensure this suite of accountancy programmes meet both professional and UK degree qualification requirements.

Gold Edge Training is a multi-award nominated, UK top 10 accountancy online training provider.  They are renowned for providing top quality education and delivering high achieving students.

ATHE (Awards in Training and Higher Education) are a leading higher education and training awarding body in the United Kingdom.


In the UK students study one of two routes for accountancy.  The professional route or the degree and masters degree route.  Both routes are totally different study programmes and it take many years for students to complete both routes, which is the normal practice.

The ATHE accountancy qualifications puts the learner in control and allows them choice at all stages of their study.

A learner can focus solely on the professional qualifications covering levels 3 – 7.

Or and alongside the professional study, they can also study for a degree and masters degree.  This is achieved by completing a UK one year university top up at levels 6 for the degree and level 8 for the masters degree.  The 1 year top-ups can be studied with multiple UK Universities remotely as distance learning wherever you are in the world.

All ATHE qualifications are internally assessed by completing a varied range of assignments and externally verified.

All awarding body registration and exam fees are included in the course fees.

Why Study UK Accountancy Qualification?