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“With 37 years experience as an entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies in different industries, I definitely wish the Enterprise Generator programme was available when I started in business. 

The combination of having a business coach to guide me through analysing the skills I needed to:

Create a customised business plan – Develop a marketing strategy – Calculate a finance plan – Produce a cashflow. As well as knowing how I could raise finance before my business had even started trading, would have made my business journey to where I am today so much simpler. 

This is a programme written by entrepreneurs and supported by experienced business coaches”

Christine Baxter, entrepreneur and founder of Gold Edge Training

Do you have a great idea?

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Do you advise ‘would be’ Entrepreneurs?

Course Description

This comprehensive course will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to set up and run your own successful company. It is also an ideal qualification if you work in the business investment industry advising and working with entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

The programme consists of a selection of 18 units from which participants can choose subjects to meet their needs. This means you can learn new skills or brush up on existing skills that ensure your business start-up goes smoothly and its future is successful. Each unit contains a mix of high- quality content.

The programme has been designed by both entrepreneurs and education specialists. It has been developed for people new to the world of business or for those that require focused business understanding in specific targeted areas.

The programme will help participants create professional documentation such as a marketing research report that leads to a marketing plan. You will learn how to produce a financial budget, how to raise finance and how to produce an investor pitch deck. The course will cover the key areas that can make the difference between success and failure.

The course will not only ensure you receive the right information, you’ll be supported throughout by an expert business coach who will feedback on each step of your plan as you develop it.

Who should study the programme?

The programme has been developed for individuals wishing to set up their own business or for people working in an industry that supports entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

There are no formal entry requirement for the Enterprise Generator, just a passion to start your own business and wish and ability to learn the processes necessary to make this happen.

Ideal Participants:

  • Individuals who have a great idea but require the skills and knowledge to bring that idea successfully to market.
  • Students studying a wider management programme who want to acquire the knowledge necessary to start a business.
  • Individuals who have a specific area of business that they feel is not a strength.
  • Individuals who support entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Unit Content at a Glance:

A short description of the 18 modules are listed below. Any combination of modules can be chosen by the participant to suit individual needs. The aim of the course is to build the business knowledge and understanding. Every step of the way, your business coach will guide you to achieving the optimum content for each element of the programme. This optimum content can then be put forward to achieve either of the qualifications below.

Whilst gaining the qualification is not the primary goal, starting your business is the aim, gaining the qualification should also be considered. There is no extra work involved to gain the qualification and it can be beneficial to your pitch when applying for finance or investment to show that you have the necessary business acumen. If participants are studying towards a qualification, they must achieve the following number of credits.

Award in Entrepreneurship – 8 credits

Certificate in Entrepreneurship – 16 credits

CERTIFICATION – This programme can lead to a Level 3 qualification in Entrepreneurship awarded by ATHE who are an Ofqual regulated awarding body, by taking an optional assessment. The assessment can be purchased for an additional fee.

Assessing Your Business Idea (2 Credits)

The purpose of this unit is to help participants test their business ideas, agree or amend them. At the end of this unit, the participant should have the confidence to further develop thinking on the next steps.

Planning Your New Business (2 Credits)

The purpose of this unit is to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to develop a business plan. On completion of the unit, participants will have created the start-up action plan for their business.

Developing Your Strategy (2 Credits)

The purpose of this unit is to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to build an effective business strategy. By the end of the unit, participants will have created a strategy for their business.

Managing Finance (2 Credits)

This unit is to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to manage finances effectively. Participants will be able to identify and address financial issues and, by the end of the unit, they will have created a cashflow forecast and a budget for their business.

Sourcing Finance (2 Credits)

The purpose of this unit is to help participants acquire the knowledge and understanding of the types of finance available and the skills needed to pitch ideas to investors. By the end of this unit, they will be able to create an investor pitch deck for their business.

Marketing Your Business (2 Credits)

This unit enables participants to acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to create an effective marketing plan for their business.

Building a Brand (1 Credit)

This unit will help participants acquire the knowledge and understanding of the importance in building a strong brand and the skills to identify the desired brand characteristics of their own business.

Presenting Your Business (1 Credit)

This unit will help participants understand the importance of effective communications for their business. It will also enable participants develop the skills to confidently present their business, product and/or service ideas to stakeholders in both written and oral formats.

Researching Your Market (1 Credit)

This unit will help participants gain an understanding of the different methods used in market research and the skills and methodology to carry out effective market research for their own business. By the end of the unit, they will have created a market research report for the business.

Selling Your Products and Services (1 Credit)

The purpose of this unit is to give participants the understanding and knowledge of an effective sales process as well as the skills to be able to plan and embed this in their business. By the end of this unit, participants will have developed a sales plan for their business.

Managing Quality (1 Credit)

This module is to help participants gain the knowledge, skills and understanding on how to manage quality within their business. By the end of this unit, they will have developed policies and procedures to manage quality.

Developing Innovation and Creativity (1 Credit)

The purpose of this unit is to gain the knowledge and understanding of creativity and innovation and the skills to apply them in their own business. By the end of the unit, they will have assessed the innovation and creativity in their business idea.

Managing Physical Resources (1 Credit)

This unit will help participants gain the skills to manage physical resources within their business. By the end, they will have created a plan to manage physical resources in their business.

Managing People (1 Credit)

The unit will help participants understand the need to create a productive and motivated workforce. By the end of the unit participants will have created a staff induction and monitoring process.

Employing Staff (1 Credit)

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to identify the staffing needs of their business. They will be able to recruit and employ staff in accordance with legislation. By the end, they will have created a plan for the allocation of human resources.

Developing a Customer Service Focus (1 Credit)

Participants will understand the importance of a strong customer service focus and be able to apply it in their own businesses. By the end, they will have developed customer service standards and created a plan for a customer service focus in their business.

Developing Yourself (1 Credit)

In this unit participants will review their knowledge, understanding and skills and establish any further development needs necessary to support their business success. By the end, they will have assessed their personal development requirements and created a personal development plan.

Building Your Online Presence (2 Credits)

This unit is designed to enable participants develop an understanding if their business’ need to have online presence. By the end of the module, they will have developed a plan to increase their business’ online presence.

Enterprise Generator Programme

Are you ready to step on to the entrepreneur pathway?


This programme can lead to a UK regulated qualification, either the Award in Entrepreneurship or the Certificate in Entrepreneurship depending on whether you achieve 8 credits (4-8 modules depending on the credit size of the module) or 16 credits (between 9 and 14 modules depending on the size of the module). Taking the qualification is optional and if you choose to gain the knowledge, but not the qualification, then there are reduced fees available. See prices below.

Duration of the Programme

How long it takes is up to you. Each module not only has things for you to read and watch, there’s also plenty of activities helping you to build your business. When you are completing these activities, you are building the structure of your business. How much time you spend will dictate how much benefit you get from each unit.

Each module has a credit value which you can see listed against each unit above. Each credit equals 10 hours of learning for the average participant, so the Award or Certificate Programmes can take around 80 to 160 hours to complete depending on which bundle of modules you choose. Always remember though, building a business will take as long as is needed to get it right.


This course is designed to meet your business needs. You can purchase specific units, packages or all units for a full business start-up portfolio.

*To achieve ATHE – Ofqual regulated qualifications an assessment must be taken, which can be purchased additionally below.

Entrepreneurship Award* – 4 to 8 units (credit allocation dependant)

Entrepreneurship Certificate* – 9 to 14 units (credit allocation dependant)

Entrepreneurship Full Package – Business Start-up Portfolio


Assessment Fee for Qualifications

Optional assessment fee to achieve official qualification.


If you have any queries regarding the programme, unit choices, enrolling process or related topics, please phone us on 02394 00 3559 or send an email to iag@goldedgetraining.co.uk