Level 3

Diploma in Business Management Level 3

Often when starting out on a new career, it is difficult to know the ultimate focus that your career will take.

Gaining business management qualifications can be the perfect central focus to start and then, as you progress to higher levels, you can shift towards a more direct career approach in finance or sales & marketing etc.

Equally so, if you are already in management and looking to gain promotion, change jobs or careers, management qualifications at the higher levels can be the perfect recognition for your existing skills.

Whichever is your starting point, if you want to be successful and you want to stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to be conversant in the role and practices of management in industry.

The Diploma in Business Management level 3 course comprises of 6 modules:

Managing business operations

Effective management of business operations undertaken within an organisation is the key to its overall success. No organisation will be able to achieve its objectives without effective management of operations. This module is divided into six sections, each of which deals with one aspect of the management of business operations.

Maximising resources

An organisation that fails to dedicate sufficient attention to its use of resources will prove to be unprofitable over time. By being observant and prudent, any organisation can achieve significant gains from the management of its resources.

The business environment

A sound understanding of the environment in which an organisation operates is a valuable asset in management. In order to make effective decisions, it is important for managers to know the factors that influence the environment. They also need to know the benefits which can be achieved from using the nature of the environment to good effect. Without such knowledge, it is easy to misjudge the consequence of any actions taken.

Managing people in organisations

Effective management of people within an organisation is essential if the objectives of the organisation are to be achieved. People represent the single most important resource in an organisation and their needs must be understood and respected.

Working in teams

Modern organisations use opportunities for team working as much as possible as this is an effective and proven method for getting the best performance from members of the workforce. Teams may be involved in all activities of an organisation – from production right through to financial decision making. This module looks at the role played by teams within organisations and how the human element interacts.

Effective business communication
Good communication is essential in any organisation in order to pass information from one person to another. This module explains the need for effective communication and demonstrates how this can be achieved within a work environment.

How is your course assessed?

The ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business Management has 6 modules and 6 written assignments. On completion of the modules, students will be given access to the assignments. The assignments are approximately 5,000-8,000 words each. Students are provided with support on the modules and assignments.

Qualification Details

The Diploma in Business Management Level 3 qualification is a professional qualification in its own right. It is also the equivalent to two A levels and on successful completion, could be used as the entry requirements for a full undergraduate degree programme. The qualification carries 120 UCAS credits.

This qualification is accredited by the ATHE (Awards in Training & Higher Education), which is fully regulated by Ofqual.

Progression after passing the Diploma in Business Management level 3

Professional studies route

On completion of this course, students can progress further down the professional studies route and study the Extended Diploma in Business Management levels 4 & 5. After completing levels 4 & 5 students can elect to continue on the professional route and study the highest level 7.

University Route

Alternatively, after the level 3, students will have the opportunity to apply for admission onto a full BA Degree programme from a range of UK universities. If they elect to study the Extended Diploma in Business Management levels 4 & 5 first, they can complete a one year BA Top Up at a UK universities to be awarded a UK BA degree.

Another university option if the candidate also has a lot of management work experience. They can start their qualification at Extended Diploma in Business Management level 4. Then complete the Professional levels 5 & 7 followed by a 1 year Masters Top Up at a universities to be awarded a full UK Masters degree.

What is included in my course?

All course material, including online modules and written assignments

One to one open access teacher support

Dedicated student support for all general course enquiries

Access to an online social learning forum

Assignment support, marking and feedback

Who is eligible for this programme?

You should be over 16 years old and have a good command of written English.

If you already have management experience, you are eligible to begin your studies at level 4 or above, depending on your level of management experience.

If you already have an unrelated degree, you can study the level 7 and then complete a university top up to a Masters degree.

Course Overview

The level 3 course is made up of 6 modules and 6 written assignments. Each module consists of 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours worth of optional materials that comprise of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises.

Example of university progression:

  • Southampton Solent University
  • University of Derby
  • University of Lincoln
  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Diploma in Business Management Level 3

Includes registration and assignment fees

Payment in full option

Save £200 when you pay in full at enrolment

£1,800.00 £1,600.00

Instalment plan option

First Instalment £450 followed by 12 x monthly payments of £112.50
Total paid £1,800

First instalment £450

First instalment includes course registration and examination fees paid to ATHE. All future instalments will be taken monthly on the same day as enrolment

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