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Road through crop field towards low sun and big sky

success by design

It’s official, AAT Shortlist Gold Edge Training as Top 4 in the UK

what is success by design?

After years of research, development and fine tuning, our new programmes are designed for study with a perfect mix of resources, tailored to each student's learning style.

We call these new programmes: 'Success by Design'. We are confident you will agree they are an online distance learning revolution!

'Success by Design' benefits include

  • simplified learning
  • increased understanding
  • student confidence
  • higher pass rates

'Success by Design' is not just about benefits during the learning stage, it is an exam pass guarantee!

Our students prove year on year, following our programmes will deliver top level exam success.

By following our programme guidance and listening to our teachers support, you too will achieve this level of success and follow your career dreams.

Our average pass rate guaranteed is 99%

2017/2018 exam pass rates

Gold Edge Training students achieve the highest student passes in all exams, at all levels, for the past 6 years!

The results below are our kite mark of excellence.

Average Pass Mark
Gold Edge Training
Average Pass Mark
Bookkeeping Transactions290.3%
Bookkeeping Controls278%
Elements of Costing290.3%
Using Accounting Software284.5%
Foundation Synoptic Assessment289.1%
Advanced Bookkeeping361.9%
Final Accounts Preparation374.9%
Indirect Tax377.6%
Management Accounting Costing380.8%
Advanced Synoptic332.6%
Decision & Controls449.6%
Financial Statements463.6%
Professional Synoptic Assessment471%
Business Tax471.8%
Personal Tax463.5%
Credit Management464.7%
Cash & Treasury Management441.5%
External Audit477.7%

why choose us?

Gold Edge Training from its launch in 2012, has specialised in achieving the optimum learner experience.

Our teachers’ bespoke approach to teaching the individual and not the group plus our revolutionary programme development have focused attention on combining a range of resources that deliver stress free, flexible learning.

This has proven, as you can see above by our results, to deliver optimum levels of student passes.

We believe every learner has a right, once enrolled, to enjoy their study, pass their exams and follow their career dream. Our videos below will explain more.

our course design

Gold Edge Training courses are designed with a focus on bespoke teaching for the individual. All of our programmes are gold quality with top level resources included as standard. The difference in our course pricing is purely down to the type and cost of the resources included.

Our course range is built to recognise that different learning styles, need different resources and we believe, all programmes should be flexible enough for all learner requirements to be met.

online on demand

online distance learning

exam pass guarantee

Many years of experience teaching AAT programmes have gone into the design and structure of our online learning courses.

We believe the support we give our students to achieve success is second to none and we are happy to seal this belief with an exam pass assurance guarantee.

ready to succeed?

Take the first step and enrol to bring your career a lot closer than you realise. Pass the first exam and you will be noticed by employers, pass the second and career doors will open. Pass the first level and your career will have begun!

In the following catalogue, courses have been summarised and categorised into bookkeeping and full accounting courses for easy reading and selection.

The bookkeeping qualifications which form part of the full accounting qualification are as relevant to those employed in a company as to those who are self-employed.

Laptop screen with Gold Edge Training course catalogue page

To enrol, please visit our course catalogue, which includes detailed information, prices and guidance.

Make your AAT course decision

not sure?

‘Success by Design’ is a recognition that all learners are different. Each learner will require a certain blend of resources, different levels of support and varying degrees of flexibility.

For Gold Edge Training to successfully deliver such bespoke learning, it was necessary for us to offer a wide choice of course options. The wide choice, can however, for some students just mean study confusion.

If your thoughts are:

"Yes, but what is my learning style?" or
"How do you start to choose the right course?"

You have reached that perfect time to talk to a teacher.

let's talk!

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